Our sign systems are extremely flexible.


Our HR stand sign system is a variable and adaptable system made from various tubular profiles. It can be easily combined with our light boxes as well as with non-illuminated aluminum sign frames. Or discreetly illuminated with the MIRA light tube. With this extensive range of options, you can easily design and produce both close-range and long-range signage - right through to guidance systems with a uniform look. In addition, the uprights can be personalized with different colors and branding elements to strengthen your customer's brand identity.

  • Customized individuality

  • Self-luminous or illuminated

  • Wide range of possible combinations

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • Expert customer service

Stand DS1_HLW

Stand signs

Whether self-luminous or illuminated - our stand sign system offers a wide range of options for designing your advertising system


Company signs

Small but mighty: stainless steel signs as stand-alone or clip-on signs for high-quality and elegant company identification


Solar island

With the stand-alone system for Totems and illuminated stand signs, we provide the energy supply for our products at the same time

A new highlight: illuminated solar islands!

With the stand-alone system for Totems and stand constructions with light boxes, we provide the power supply for our products. This makes sense whenever a power supply has to be laboriously laid to the installation site.

Or if the luminous signs is to be operated sustainably.

The energy yield of the solar panel systems
The lower the power drawn (Wh), the more energy can be drawn from the photovoltaic system. The power of the sun (here
based on 6 hours of sunshine per day) and the size of the storage battery (Ah) determine the amount of electricity that can be drawn daily.