Interior enhancement thanks to LED frame.


Enhance the visual impact of your advertising message with our stretched fabric frames - with or without lighting. Thanks to the homogeneous illumination, the vivid colors of your dye-sublimation or UV print on textile appear even more intense. With its slim and modern look, the illuminated frame is an eye-catcher and a popular display solution for illuminated POS and indoor advertising.
NEW: Now also available as an acoustic frame for targeted noise reduction

  • Free choice of dimensions

  • Slim and modern silhouette

  • Acoustic fleece flame retardant

  • Energy-efficient LED technology

  • Expert customer service


Textile frame

Frame for textile fronts, unlit, in three installation depths


Illuminated frame

Illuminated frame for textile fronts, illuminated, four installation depths


Acoustic frame

Acoustic frame for textile fronts, with and without lighting, four basic depths

As a textile, illuminated or
acoustic frame.

Textile frames - with or without lighting - are a modern and stylish display solution for indoor advertising. They consist of a lightweight aluminum frame with a textile banner stretched with a piping, providing an elegant and seamless look. The textile banner is printed with high-quality graphics using a dye-sublimation or UV printing process that ensures vibrant and long-lasting colors. Our textile frames can be designed as single-sided or double-sided in various depths and are quick and easy to install.

With its modern design and high-quality print, the textile frame is also ideal for furnishing office, waiting and meeting rooms. Whether images of your high-quality products or as a picture gallery - our textile frames are an eye-catcher!
In the acoustic frame version with acoustic non-woven fabric, they not only enhance the appearance of open-plan offices, cafés and restaurants as well as entrance halls and waiting areas, but also reduce background noise and thus ensure a pleasant working and resting environment.