Flagpoles work. Simply always.


Flags and flagpoles are an indispensable part of outdoor advertising, large, inexpensive and a visible sign for good companies. Our flagpoles have been developed in-house and are manufactured exclusively by us.
Thanks to our many years of experience with the products, we are able to assess the requirements you place on the flagpoles and respond to them professionally.

  • Four different versions

  • Aluminium tube, E6/EV1 silver anodized

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • Spare parts available

  • Expert customer service

Series D-DNG

With hoisting device - Series D

Premium version with hoistable and rotatable boom and concealed line guide

Series B-DNG

With swivel head - Series B

Version with rotating head for freely flying flags and concealed line guide

Series C-DNG

With cantilever - Series C

Version with 360° swivel head with bracket - only with tilt bracket

Series A-DNG

Simple - Series A

Version with external line guide for freely flying flags

Flagpoles from Hoffschmidt.

With our flagpoles, you have a choice of four different series in two diameters. The product range extends from the low-maintenance premium Series D version with a hoistable and rotatable boom and concealed line guide to low-budget versions that either offer a flag change with an external line or are equipped with a tilting joint.

All flagpoles are made of aluminium tube, E6/EV1 silver anodized and are supplied as standard with the necessary accessories as well as pole loops and ground sockets or tilting joints and assembly and operating instructions.

And of course, as the manufacturer, we keep all the spare parts required for maintenance in stock.