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With our Drag & Drop® large banner system, you can create a versatile and customizable way for your customers to make advertising campaigns visible in a striking way.
Our banner systems can be configured in various frame sizes and brackets/mountings.
Drag & Drop® 60S - the tried-and-tested basic version with the mouse binder for quick mounting
Drag & Drop® Edge - elegant and concealed mounting with our tried-and-tested cord tensioning system
Drag & Drop® Stand - the free-standing solution for our standard-size banner system 18/1 poster as an alternative to the classic billboard

  • Drag & Drop® - in-house development

  • Quick change with Mouse-Binder

  • For wall and floor mounting

  • Drag & Drop® Egde with concealed fastening

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • optional: lighting with MIRA Tube LED

Drag & Drop® 60S


Drag & Drop® Edge


Drag & Drop® Stand


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  • 100% CE conformity

  • Installation instructions and wiring diagram

  • Information on LEDs and transformers