From Drag & Drop® banners to banner lifters.


With our large banner system Drag & Drop® and Bannerlifter, you create a versatile and customizable way for your customer to make advertising campaigns visible in a concise manner.
Our banner systems can be configured in various frame sizes and brackets/mounts.

  • Drag & Drop® - in-house development

  • Quick change with Mouse-Binder

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • Expert customer service


Banner frames - Drag & Drop®

Exciting advertising spaces - easily realized with our Drag & Drop® large banner system



Interchangeable advertising system for advertising banners - for frequent changing in hard-to-reach places - without riser!



Classic keder system for large-format façade banners with robust tensioning technology

Exciting advertising spaces make your façade shine!

Banner systems are the ideal presentation medium for large advertising banners and frequently changing banners and can be used for any type of advertising campaign.
The system consists of a lightweight aluminum frame that is easy to assemble and install and a tensioned fabric banner that is stretched in the frame. The simple tensioning makes changing the advertising banner child's play.

For locations that are difficult to access and high motifs, a banner lifter is also an option. The Bannerlifter is a retractable advertising system for advertising banners. With Bannerlifter Basic, you can quickly change an advertising banner in just a few minutes.
And without additional costs for hoists or additional personnel.