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With the stand-alone system for Totems, we provide the energy supply for our products. Useful whenever a power supply has to be laboriously laid to the installation site.
Or the luminous signs is to be operated sustainably.

The energy yield of the solar island systems
The lower the power drawn (Wh), the more energy can be drawn from the photovoltaic system. The power of the sun (based here
on 6 hours of sunshine per day) and the size of the storage battery (Ah) determine the amount of electricity that can be drawn daily.

  • Power from 1000W to 2000 W

  • Number of cycles min. 1200 charges

  • For advertising Totems and stand signs

  • Please ask us about the possible applications

Alignment of the solar panel with slewing ring


Alignment of the solar panel with slewing ring

Solar island_01

Base with switch box

Solar island_03

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  • 100% CE conformity

  • Installation instructions and wiring diagram

  • Information on LEDs and transformers

fascia signs from ROSEN luminous signs

fascia signs are the "basics" among luminous signs systems. We manufacture frames and bodies from high-quality aluminum profiles and folded aluminum or stainless steel sheets. We offer these elements with single-sided or double-sided illumination; the illumination is provided by LED modules. The dimensions of the fascia signs and the shape and color of the lettering are individually adapted to the client's requirements.

  • Customized individuality

  • Versatile application options

  • Durability and weather resistance

  • Energy-efficient LED technology